About Gustavo Lanzas & Associates

About Gustavo Lanzas & Associates

Hello! I’m Gustavo Lanzas, and I run a small, agile design and development boutique based in Portland, Oregon. I do most of the work myself, but rely on some talented associates to tackle larger or complex projects.

I started doing digital design on MacPaint on a Mac 128, in 1983, and never stopped. I’ve been working professionally as a visual designer for over 20 years, covering everything from print to web. In the early 90s, I visited NASA at Ames Field, and saw a demo of the then-emerging web, and soon landed my first web coding projects. I’ve held digital media positions at Apple, SGI, Adobe, and worked extensively in the music technology industry designing products, marketing materials, and user interfaces.

Through my experience, I’ve become expert at identifying best practices and solutions for technology projects, with a focus on design, interactive, and marketing/communications. I consider my specialty to be bridging the gap between technical and creative, and making connections and recommendations to take projects to even greater success.

Previously, I’ve launched two technology start-ups, and 4 other companies in the apparel, retail, and design services industries, I bring my experience as a entrepreneur, designer, technology expert, and strategist to bear on every project.

In my work, I engage my passion for intelligent, purposeful design, user interaction with technology, and information architecture to deliver efficient, elegant solutions and products.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and my two sons, making music, djing in clubs, organizing music events, fixed gear bicycling, cooking, and whiskey.

Let me know how I can help you with your project!